Nearly 30,000 children fled Mozambique from violence in June

New wave of violence in jihadist strike northern Nearly 30,000 children were evicted in Mozambique in June, the highest monthly figure in the long crisis, a British charity said Friday.

June saw a spate of attacks in the province of Cabo Delgado, where jihadists launched a bloody uprising in 2017, sparking a regional military mission last year that restored a sense of security.

At least 53 people were killed in several areas, forcing more than 50,000 adults and children from their homes, Save the Children said.

“This has been the worst month for families and children in Cabo Delgado in a year,” said Brechtje van Lit, head of the Mozambique office.

She said people fleeing the violence, which has displaced more than 700,000 people to date, were left with no shelter options.

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“And yet this is not the first time they have gone through this – many have been abused for the hundredth time with no end in sight,” she said.

The charity sounded the alarm about mental health.

“Many of them have lost loved ones or witnessed horrors that neither children nor adults should see,” she said.

About 4,100 people have been killed in Mozambique since 2017, according to conflict monitoring organization ACLED.

About 3,100 troops from several African countries deployed to Cabo Delgado last June and regained control of most of the territory.

Diplomatic and humanitarian officials say the rebels have since split into three groups.