Ricky Martin denies domestic violence allegations after restraining order

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin denies allegations of domestic violence following a restraining order filed in his homeland.

The order allegedly includes a complainant, who officials did not name, who broke up with the Latin American singer after dating him for seven months. It is reported by the Associated Press. through the Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero.

According to the newspaper, Martin allegedly did not accept the breakup and hung around at the applicant’s house “at least three times”.

Officials tried to serve the order, signed Friday, on the singer in Dorado, Puerto Rico, but to no avail, police spokesman Axel Valencia told The Associated Press.

“So far, the police have not been able to find him,” Valencia said.

Martin representatives, in a statement to Peopledenied the accusations.

“The allegations against Ricky Martin that led to the issuance of a protection order are completely false and fabricated,” Martin’s representatives said. “We are very confident that when the true facts come to light in this case, our client Ricky Martin will be fully exonerated.”

The news comes after Martin’s former talent manager Rebecca Drucker sued him last week, alleging he owes her more than $3 million in unpaid commissions. An insider reported.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Martin “consistently mistreated, manipulated and lied” to Drucker.

The lawsuit also describes how she allegedly “protected” the singer from “his reckless misdeeds,” including a “ruinous” scandal, tax evasion and substance abuse.

Martin’s team did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

Need help? In the US, call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for National Domestic Violence Hotline.

AMENDMENT: In a previous version of this story, Puerto Rico was referred to as Martin’s “home country”. The island is a US territory and the article has been updated accordingly.