Wales beat Ukraine and reached the World Cup for the first time in 64 years

Ukrainian footballers wept in the rain as they cheered for their dejected fans after missing out on qualification for the World Cup, losing 1-0 to Wales in the latest European play-off for FIFA football exposure on Sunday.

The harrowing moment in a tense game came in the 34th minute when Andriy Yarmolenko inadvertently headed the ball into his own net in an attempt to clear Wales captain Gareth Bale’s free kick.

As Wales prepare for the first World Cup in 64 years – it opens against the United States in November – this game was too far away for Ukraine’s emotionally charged mission to claim Qatar while remaining under Russian invasion.

“We did everything we could,” coach Oleksandr Petrakov said through an interpreter, “but I really want the people of Ukraine to remember the efforts of our team.”

Petrakov’s priority after the World Cup dream faded was to ensure that the suffering at home was not forgotten by the world.

“We have a war raging all over the country,” Petrakov said. “We have children and women dying every day. Our infrastructure is being destroyed by Russian barbarians. The Russians want to harm us, but the Ukrainians resist and protect their land. We just want your support. We just want you to understand what’s going on at home.”

Wales ends 64-year wait for World Cup return

A 1-0 victory over war-ravaged Ukraine on Sunday, achieved in the 34th minute in a downpour in Cardiff, was enough to send Wales back to the World Cup as the country with the longest gap between qualifications for a FIFA showpiece – 64 years.

“This is the greatest result in the history of Welsh football,” said Wales captain Gareth Bale. these amazing fans.

Bale was one of those onlookers for the remaining 10 minutes or so after he was substituted when his body couldn’t offer any more.

“It was difficult,” Bale said. “The last three or four weeks I didn’t play much football because of a back spasm, but the most important thing was to survive.” I give everything. I ran out of nowhere.”

A trip to Qatar gives Bale, the most decorated foreign exporter of British football at Real Madrid, the chance to finally play on the biggest sporting scene.

But the five-time Champions League winner will be without a club for next season after being released by Madrid.

Midfielder Aaron Ramsey summed up the victory by saying: “It’s unbelievable – old Wales in the World Cup.”