Zendaya talks about her esteemed fans

CELEBRITIES often look at their lives under a microscope, but for Zendaya the situation is somewhat different, as her fans always respect her boundaries and what she prefers to keep secret.

The 25-year-old actress spoke about this in an interview for the cover of a magazine. Fashion In the July issue of the Italian magazine, many of her fans grew up with her and witnessed her development in various aspects of her life and career.

She explained, “They really understand that I’m human, even the most hardcore ones, and they want me to be happy and I truly feel that from them.”

“Many of us are about the same age, have similar views on life, similar thoughts, or even just hopes and wishes for the future, whether it be my career or the world,” she continued.

Euphoria the star noted that while she can still maintain some anonymity, it’s nothing compared to her “pretty normal life” in the past.

Of course, it comes with new challenges and pressures, but I’ve been doing it for a long time and I started when I was very young. So thankfully I had some time to lighten up and expand my experience in a way that wasn’t just an overnight change,” Zendaya told the magazine.

“I always adapt to it and try to be thankful for it all in the end because it means people clearly resonate with the work I do and that means a lot to me.”