Georgia State Patrol Troopers Call for Road Safety July 4 Weekend.

ATLANTA, Georgia. (CBS46) – When drivers hit the road for the holiday weekend, they are not alone.

Georgia State Patrolmen are on duty to make sure drivers keep themselves and others safe.

“We will be looking for speed breakers, people texting and drivers, drivers with disabilities, so please slow down, hang up,” said the GSP sergeant. Jeremy Hilley.

“Be careful, pay attention to others on the road. It’s not just you, there are other people traveling with families,” he said.

Hilley said 16 people were killed on Georgia roads over the long weekend of July 4 last year.

He encourages people to plan ahead if their celebration involves drinking alcohol.

“In some cases, people like to put sleeping bags and pillows in their car and lay on their friend’s couch because it’s better to crash there than on the Interstate,” he said.

Hilly was the one who told people that their loved ones died in a drunk driving accident and hopes he doesn’t have to do it again.

“The very first fatal crash I ever worked in was at Cinco de Mayo, it was a solo car and it was a son and he just gave his mom a lift and she said, ‘I knew I didn’t I should have let him drive.” It was very hard,” he said. “That’s rough. This is something you won’t forget. You remember every detail of the accident and the interaction with the family member. I would say that over time it gets easier to talk to people and tell them they lost a loved one in an accident, but it doesn’t get easier.”

In addition to available sharing services, AAA offers its Tow To Go program on the Atlanta metro on weekends during the holidays. Drivers can call 855-2-TOW-2-GO and a tow truck will take them and their car within ten miles of their home or to safety. It’s free and available to AAA members and non-members.