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OUR movie Vitla Vishesham is a remake Badhai Ho, which received the National Hindi Award in 2018. The plot follows Ilango (Balaji) whose life is turned upside down when his elderly parents Krishnaveni and Unni (played by Urvashi and Satyaraj) announce that they will soon have another child. Faced with social shame and contempt, brother and grandmother Elango (KPAC Lalita) is forced to carefully manage their personal and social lives. Vitla Vishesham it is a story about a family of five dealing with pregnancy, individual decisions and the consequences for society.

This film belongs to Urvashi. She does not speak much, but this reflects her role as a Krishnaveni in a lower middle class family. The actress is fantastic in conveying innocence and maternal affection, but she never looks naive or stupid. She is on her own, and she will not submit to coercion.

Throughout the film, you can observe the coexistence of these polar opposites. She is afraid of public shame and judgment from her own family, but when her husband Unni tries to push her to his will in kind and gentle ways, you will see the signs of a strong woman. This movie comes alive with the love between Unni and Krishnaveni. Unni is not like the Satyaraja we are used to seeing. He is the parent who creates videos that any son or daughter would squirm at. He never speaks out and never runs into a problem. So much so that when his mother insults his wife, the only way to deal with it is to order tea for her. He is unwaveringly supportive, but never solves any of the difficulties. He is a nice simple person.

RJ Balaji excels as Ilango, the stupid retard. Ilango is weak, ignorant, but sincere, without the characteristic RJ Balaji-isms. KPAC Lalita plays the mother-in-law perfectly. She is so true to her character that even the expected changes exceed all expectations.

Vitla Vishesham is a mixture of many comic devices, including black comedy, situational humor, and Balaji’s famously poignant gags. The best thing about this remake is that no changes were made to the original story. Compared to the original film, the remake contains many more bold elements that need to be discussed in our daily lives. Even when the image seems too loud, it is surprisingly convincing, and the music, photography and editing have added complexity to the film, making it truly shine with its authenticity.

Vitla Vishesham it’s an enjoyable comedy-drama that epitomizes the phrase “family entertainer.”

Throw: Satyaraj, R.J. Balaji, Urvashi, Aparna Balamurali

Producer: N.J. Saravanan, R.J. Balaji


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