July’s 85 Biggest Computer Trends

This July 2022 list of computer trends reflects that while new computer component releases have been few and far between, many companies are moving towards customizable computer peripherals, metaverse initiatives, and handhelds.

The Penkesu foldable PC is a great example of the rapid advancement of affordable portable computers. While this trend has been around for years, it quickly accelerated and became public thanks to Valve’s “Steam Deck” release. Since then, mobile PCs like the Penkesu have popped up almost every week. Penkesu is an ultra-compact pen case-shaped PC. This PC is capable of running productivity apps such as web browsers, word processors and more with a small built-in keyboard, and it all fits in the user’s pocket.

One of the most noteworthy computer peripherals released this month is the “Epomaker Lite”. This keyboard not only continues the trend of hot-swap and full customization, but also brings all new features to the industry. Epomaker claims to have created an all-new “shallow padding” design for this keyboard that provides a “completely unique tactile experience” when typing. The design works by creating a slight amount of resistance that increases as the key is pressed harder, meaning that users are not just pressing the key into a hard floor, but into a band of resistance.