June 30, 2022 News of Russia and Ukraine

The US Department of Defense is currently reviewing 1,300 proposals from 800 companies for innovative new weapons and commercial capabilities they could design and manufacture for Ukraine to use against the Russian invasion, according to a Defense Department official.

The Pentagon is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks on what ideas it will develop, which could eventually lead to production for Ukraine as well as for the US military.

The proposals requested by the ministry are centered around key areas, including air defense, anti-tank, anti-personnel, coastal, anti-tank, unmanned aerial systems, counter-battery and secure communications, which have been identified by Ukraine as a key military need.

They were requested as part of a broad Department of Defense initiative to “complete Ukraine’s priority requests for security assistance,” according to an initial request for ideas sent to industry. The goal is to get ideas and information to speed up production and build more capacity on the industrial base, as it is now adopted by the US and its allies, Ukraine will likely have to support it long after its own existing stockpiles of weapons run out.

This comes as the Pentagon continues to deliver multiple billions of dollars worth of weapons. On Thursday, President Joe Biden said the US would soon announce another $800 million in new assistance, including air defense systems and offensive weapons. So far, the United States has allocated $6.1 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since February 1. 24 Russian invasion. The US is working with over 50 other countries to find out what weapons they have to offer.

Russian weapons were preferred because Ukrainian forces are familiar with these systems and do not need training. But as the war went on, more modern weapons were provided and Ukrainian forces were trained in neighboring countries.

The department’s plan for potential new manufacturing contracts reflects some urgency as it looks for potential deliveries ranging from less than 30 to more than 180 days. He also asks companies to detail what type of air, land or sea platform their weapons can be deployed to and whether they already have something in production.

“In particular, the Department is exploring options that would speed up the production and increase the capacity of the industrial base for weapons and equipment that could be quickly exported, deployed with minimal training and that have proven their effectiveness on the battlefield,” the Department of Defense said in a statement. . his appeal to industry for ideas.

The effort follows the Pentagon’s earlier this year meeting with eight of the largest defense contractors, as well as Congressional approval of funding for weapons contracts, in addition to the ongoing cuts and transfers of systems from the US military arsenal. .

According to him, the Pentagon has created a detailed bureaucratic structure to assess the needs of Ukraine and is trying to speed up their delivery. A new “senior integration group” of senior officials is reviewing Ukraine’s latest operational needs.

Funding could potentially come from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which is a nearly $1 billion bank to secure arms contracts for Ukraine. Nearly $240 million worth of contracts have been awarded in areas ranging from Switchblade drones to secure communication devices.