Teen rescued driver who accidentally drove his car into Patchog Bay

A teenager is hailed as a hero for saving a driver in Patchogue.

Officers tell News 12 that 18-year-old Mia Samolinsky was driving near Patchogue Bay when she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake on Tuesday and drove into the water in Shorefront Park.

Police say 17-year-old Anthony Zhongor saw it happen and dived into the water to help.

“I just saw the girl knocking on the door and there was no hesitation after that,” Zhongor says. “Just jump, save her, get us out, go home.”

Zhongor, a high school student, pulled Samolinski out of the car and helped her get to the dock safely.

After Samolinsky got out of the water, rescuers approached him. Her father said she only cut her leg.

Samolinsky’s father had the opportunity to thank Zhongora Wednesday for saving his daughter’s life.

“While everyone was looking at their phones and filming what was happening, he intervened,” says Charles Samolinsky. “That’s why I’m here to say that he deserves recognition.”

Zhongor heads to boot camp after enlisting in the Marine Corps.

Charles Samolinsky says he is already a hero and there are no words to express his gratitude for saving his daughter.

Zhongor says he doesn’t like being called a hero, but he was glad to be where he was on Tuesday.