Underwater internet cable Equiano approaching landing in South Africa

Paratus Group has announced that he laid the Google Equiano submarine internet cable in Swakopmund, Namibia.

Equiano landed in Swakopmund three months after he landed in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Google Equiano cable connects Europe to the west coast of Africa via a boarding station in Lisbon, Portugal, and is almost ten times the capacity of the West African Cable System (Wacs) of 144 Tbps.

The submarine cable will make its final landing at Melkbosstrand, Cape Town and is expected to be fully operational in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Paratus completed the construction of a cable station in Swakopmund in January this year in partnership with Telecom Namibia.

He said access to the Equiano cable means Namibia no longer has to rely solely on Wacs for its international internet connection.

“This cable will be a critical element in meeting Namibia’s current and future international connectivity needs as the cable incorporates new technology that provides approximately 20 times the network capacity of the current Wacs cable,” said Telecom Namibia CEO Stanley Shanapinda. .

In addition to a significant bandwidth jump, the Equiano cable will also provide redundancy by offering alternative cable connections if other routes fail.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Protects a Pair of Fibers on an Equiano Cable in preparation for when he lands at Melkbosstrand before the end of the year.

Liquid said Equiano will meet the growing demand for Internet bandwidth to support cloud services across Africa.

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