Another Yellowstone visitor was gored by a bison for the third time this year.

A 71-year-old woman was gored by a bison on Wednesday in Yellowstone National Park, the second such incident in the park in three days and the third in 2022.

A West Chester, Pennsylvania woman and her daughter “inadvertently approached the bison as they were returning to their car at the start of the trail,” the park said in a statement.

A bison attacked a 71-year-old man who suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital in Cody, Wayo.

Monday 34 year old Colorado man was gored when he was walking with family members near the Giant Geyser.

The incident was caught on camera and showed a bison lunging at a man who was running to grab a child in the bison’s path. The man and child were thrown into the air, but managed to escape the buffalo, which got away.

The man was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center with a hand injury.

In late May, a 25-year-old Ohio woman was thrown 10 feet into the air after she was reportedly within 10 feet of a bison, Yellowstone reported.

The park requires visitors to stay 25 yards or more away from bison, which have “injured more people in Yellowstone than any other animal,” Yellowstone said.

“They are unpredictable and can run three times as fast as humans,” the park said.

The park advised visitors not to resist the bison.

“Go immediately or run away from the animal,” they said in the park. “Spray bear spray when you leave if the animal is following you.”