Future project possible in the USA

The US military is having trouble recruiting new members, according to the Pentagon. A much smaller percentage of Americans are eligible to serve, and among this population there are even fewer who want to enlist in the military. Rest. Lieutenant Gen. Thomas Spehr of the Heritage Foundation said: “This is the beginning of a long recruiting drought.” A recent survey conducted NBC News showed that only 9% of those who are eligible want to join the armed forces, a significant decrease from 29% in recent years.

According to the Army website, the minimum entry requirements are:

  • Age: 17 to 35 years old.
  • Medical, moral, physical: Medical and physical health, good morale.
  • Citizenship: US citizen or permanent resident with a valid green card.
  • Education: secondary or equivalent.
  • Test score: the minimum score on the army entrance exam.

The opiate epidemic struck young men and women in America and became the leading cause of death. Obesity is on the rise, and prices for fresh produce and healthier food are often out of reach for low-income families. Crime is also on the rise among misguided youth, further reducing the availability of military personnel.

People will enlist in the military to honor their country and provide a stable basis for their lives as the military helps with housing, education and other benefits. A separate study found that only 45% of Americans trust the military, down 25 points since 2018. In addition, 57% of respondents to an NBC News poll believe that they will suffer psychological harm while serving.

The last generation had a hot topic on 9/11, terrorism and defending the freedom of their country. This generation has grown up in classrooms where they sit under an oath of allegiance and are taught that their country is inherently bad. They watched the commander-in-chief abandon his mission in Afghanistan and constantly show disrespect for the military. Not to mention the discharged military personnel who refused the experimental vaccine. Patriotism is on the decline.

The army is in desperate need of recruits as each division struggles to attract new members. The Department of Defense (DoD) actually hopes that the new “Best shooter” the film will encourage people to join the navy and they plan to advertise on Gen Z’s popular TikTok platform. The Department of Defense may even remove the high school graduation requirement.

The army is currently made up entirely of volunteers in the US, but that could change. “2022 is the year we are questioning the sustainability of an all-volunteer force,” the retired said. Lieutenant Gen. Thomas Sper admitted. Since top government agents cannot identify women, expect everyone to be targeted. Other countries, such as Israel, impose mandatory military requirements on all eligible young people. Will America be next?

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