ISP investigates mob attack on patrol car on I-90 near Division Street

CHICAGO (CBS) Illinois State Police are investigating after a mob attacked a police vehicle on I-90 near Division Street on Sunday.

Around 2:00 am, an ISP employee was driving south and noticed a congestion at the exit, and eastbound traffic had completely stopped.

The serviceman pulled up to the intersection of Division and Elston, where several vehicles blocked the intersections and others were performing driving stunts, the ISP said.

The dashcam video shows how a crowd of about 100 people began to surround the police car, jumping on the hood, throwing rocks, bricks, fireworks and breaking the windshield.

Illinois State Police Investigate Mafia in Chicago 03.07.22 at 1:55 on
Illinois State Police on the

The ISP fully investigates the incident, including dispatching evidence specialists to the crime scene.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the ISP office in Chicago at 847-294-4400.

The ISP asks you to leave the area immediately and contact law enforcement if you notice this behavior.

No further information was forthcoming.