Jay Shah: “The amount of IPL applications for media rights is in line with expectations,” says Jay Shah.

Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) secretary Jay Shah told ET that the separation of television and digital rights to the Indian Premier League (IPL) was a key event, and auctions ending on June 14 made it the second largest sports league in the world. The cost of five-year media rights has nearly tripled to £48,390 crore, confirming a reserve price that some have described as aggressive.

“We expected IPL rights to be between £45,000 and £50,000 crore,” he said in an interview. “But more importantly, we now have two separate TV rights and digital rights winners, a first in league history. In addition, the IPL is the second-biggest league with $15.5 million per media rights match.”

Only the National Football League (NFL), the professional league of American football, has a higher cost per match than the IPL, at $17 million. The other major sports leagues, the English Premier League (EPL) and Major League Baseball (MLB), have a cost per match of $11 million. However, the NFL plays 272 games in a season.

makes 380 and MLB 162, compared to 74 IPL games.

When asked about the aggressive reserve price, Shah said BCCI has full confidence in the pricing and it is based on the response the board has received from the market.

“There are two new teams that have proposed an investment of $1.9 billion,” he said. “Last season we sold all partner slots for the IPL and opened new categories. The interest is huge. In addition, the number of matches has increased from 300 to 410 (in five years) in the current cycle.”

Strengthen domestic cricket

DisneyStar won the linear TV rights for the Indian subcontinent and Viacom18 won the digital TV rights.

Regarding the decision to separate rights and introduce a non-exclusive digital package, he said his job is to protect the interests of the board of directors.

“Our process provided maximum value and price discovery. If you look at the TV rights, they closed at Rs 57.5 crore per match compared to the reserve price of Rs 49 crore per match, while the digital price rose from Rs 33 crore to Rs 50 crore. And the cost of Package C has more than doubled to Rs 33.24 crore from the base price of Rs 16 crore,” he said. “This is also the first time that digital rights have gone for a large amount.”

The Shah said that with the money, the board could do much more to improve cricket and the cricketers.

“We have already announced a nearly 100 percent increase in the monthly pension of former cricketers – both men and women – and match officials. This will benefit approximately 900 employees,” he said. “We have also recently allocated Rs 60 crore for the development of indoor training facilities in the northeast. We will open several centers with bowling fields in addition to the gym and swimming pool.”

In addition, BCCI plans to use the proceeds from the auction to strengthen grassroots national cricket, develop infrastructure and improve facilities across India, in addition to enhancing the cricket watching experience.

BCCI also has big plans for the women’s IPL.

“This is something very close to my heart. We will launch the women’s IPL in 2023 with five to six new teams. Very soon we will enter the market with a new tender, and everyone will have the opportunity to choose teams,” he said. .

The board hopes to get international women players for the league.

“We have also updated the under 16 and under 19 girls programs and we are confident that we will get a lot of talent from there,” Shah said.

The BCCI is also in talks with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and other international councils to expand the IPL window, he said.

“We have been in talks with the ICC and other international councils to increase the window,” Shah said. “Having said that, we also have to take into account the growth of world cricket, so the Indian team will visit Ireland before England.”

Shah said there is a lot of interest in media rights for bilateral relations in India.

“You can see crowded stadiums in current matches. Whereas in the IPL you see the top players divided into 10 teams, here they are all on the same team,” Shah said. “I am 100% sure that I will sell cricket rights in India for a much higher price. We will start this process soon, and we will do it in a similar way, with great transparency.”