Konami renames Pro Evolution Soccer series

PRO Evolution Soccer, or better known as PES, longtime rival to EA Sports’ dominant FIFA game, marks the end of an era as developer Konami announces that PES is being renamed to the more generic “eFootball” moniker.

It was believed that the producer of the eFootball series, Seitaro Kimura, intended to make the game available on all platforms, including mobile devices.

In an interview with IGN (Imagine Games Network), Kimura stated that the company had been planning the move for about two years to coincide with the transition between console generations, given that Konami already has a mobile game called eFootball PES that has received a lot of positive user feedback over the past couple of years. years.

“I believe we have already proven that this framework can be successful on mobile devices. By applying the same model across all platforms, we hope more football fans can play this game on consoles as well,” Kimura told IGN.

eFotball will launch this fall on a variety of platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam for PC. This marks an intriguing redesign of PES, which has always been in the shadow of EA Sports FIFA, and moves away from the traditional annual paid-to-play model to a free-to-play model.

What’s new in eFootball 2022?

Recently, on June 2, Konami launched the official update of eFootball PES 2021 to eFootball 2022. While it was a brilliant idea to take it to the next level by competing against the world’s number one football game, EA Sports FIFA, many users have complained, stating that they prefer to play to the old version of eFootball PES.

Perhaps this was due to the introduction of additional aspects such as new commands, modes, graphic resolution, difficulty and gameplay. New additions include player development (training) and style management in the game plan.

According to Konami’s official website, Konami.com, their goal was to replicate the perfect football experience, from the fans in the stadium to the grass on the pitch.

Konami said they’ve returned to the drawing board for all of the gameplay, including new levels of excitement throughout, including how player signings and development are handled.

Similar to the FIFA Ultimate Team variant, Konami also included “Dream Team” in the latest release. This mode allows you to use both in-game currency and real money to assemble the best team and climb the online rankings.

Gameplay and controls

Control buttons, joystick, player appearance and crowd in the stadium look the same as in previous versions of the game mechanics. In addition, everything has been completely changed, including the camera angle, goal celebrations and player actions.

eFootball also introduced several new features, including Stunning Kicks. They allow players to maintain control of the right trigger and apply extra power on passes and shots.

Sometimes the ball will come out of a player’s toes if the player takes too long to prepare.

Defense, on the other hand, still needs a lot of improvement, especially in the area of ​​shoulder changes and hand grips. It looks like the AI ​​defenders keep leaving on their own, allowing the opponent to score easy goals. This may be an issue that Konami should fix in future updates.

Konami has included additional commentators from different languages ​​and countries in order to increase the realism of football matches and attract more users. This upgraded version of eFootball also offers users different graphic resolution ranges, from the lowest 15fps to the highest 60fps.


Konami says the game was developed using their own football engine, which uses Unreal Engine as its base. The company has even brought in professional soccer players such as Andres Iniesta and Gerard Piqué as consultants to develop offensive and defensive gameplay.

Therefore, on an electronic platform, users can have a clear and unambiguous impression that they are participating in real football matches. With all its tactical flair and strategic depth, this game is sure to win the hearts of football fans all over the world.

Konami is making significant efforts to improve the game, which lacks additional game types and game features, among other things. Future updates, including a big patch coming with Season 2 (next updates) for eFootball, will add more improvements to the game and fix more bugs.