Long-lost sisters reunited after DNA test: ‘It had to happen’

MINNEAPOLIS – – It’s them? Ailee Misfeldt whispered as she waited in the baggage claim area of ​​Terminal 2 on Minneapolis Street. Paul International Airport.

The stakes for meeting her at the airport were high, especially since she had never met the person she was going to pick up: her sister.

Misfeldt lives on the Eden Prairie. At Christmas 2021, she took a 23andMe DNA test. Results: Sister Suji Dufresne from upstate New York.

Neither of them knew the other existed until a few months ago. The long-awaited meeting took place on Sunday.

“In life you are much shorter!” Dufresne exclaimed after they saw each other and ran for their first hug.

“I was just overwhelmed with happiness,” Misfeldt said.

Dufresne is 27 years old, three years older than Misfeldt. Both were adopted from South Korea when they were only a few months old. In a sense, unconsciously living parallel lives.

“She looks more like me in real life than in the photos,” Misfeldt said. “I didn’t even think it was possible.”

“I had this ‘is it real’ feeling, but it also felt like it was meant to be,” Dufresne said.

A reunion that had been in the making for 24 years could easily never happen. When Misfeldt received her test results, she sent a message to Dufresne via 23andMe. Dufresne, the hairdresser, was at work when she got it.

“It’s wild. And I’m a swiper. I could easily delete this because I’m one of those people who goes through my emails and clears them very quickly, so it’s just incredible,” Dufresne said.

Relief, for which once was a struggle.

“As a teenager, I considered myself an alien because I just didn’t think that anyone could be related to me,” Dufresne said.

“I think I have a sister now. I don’t know, it’s a new sister, a new friend. It’s interesting,” Misfeldt said.

Dufresne’s son has a new aunt.

“All I have ever known in terms of genetics is my son. When he was born, that was my big moment: “I have someone who is connected to me, who I know is connected to me.” So it’s just like an extension of that,” Dufresne said.

There is always a connection. Now brought to life.

“I can’t wait,” Dufresne said when asked about joint plans for the future. “We have a whole list of what we are going to do. We have a list of lost time that we have to complete.”

Misfeldt and Dufresne are planning a trip to South Korea where they hope to learn more about their parents. Neither has been since they were born.