“People jumped into the water: shooting caused panic at the fireworks show at Lake Eola in Orlando”

ORLANDO, Florida. – Panic caused by apparent firecrackers thrown at a crowd celebrating the Fourth of July during fireworks at a fountain at Lake Eola in Orlando caused park visitors to panic and flee, with some jumping into the water for cover.

Orlando police said about 12 people were injured while fleeing from a panic that occurred shortly after the fireworks began around 9:45 p.m. Monday.

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Some witnesses said they heard what they thought were gunshots. However, police said there was no evidence of a shooting.

“From nowhere we saw people running, and then we heard (what we thought) gunshots. We heard it. It didn’t match the fireworks. They were clearly something else,” the witness said.


“People were jumping into the water, people were running towards the buildings,” the woman said.

OPD deputy chief Eric Smith says the department does not believe there was an active shooter at the July 4 fireworks celebration at Lake Eola, where crowds could be seen fleeing.

Orlando police later tweeted that there was no shooting and no threat to public safety.

“We believe it was fireworks that exploded in the crowd at the same time as the main fireworks,” Deputy Chief Executive Eric Smith told News 6. “It made people run. They believed that there were shots. Of course, people ran with everything that happens.”

During the chaos, some families were separated. Police said a family reunion zone has been set up at North Rosalind Avenue and East Robinson Street.

The Lost and Found Zone was set up at the Lake Eola Park Office at North Eola Drive and East Washington Street, according to police.

Panic in Orlando came in a few hours six people were shot dead at the Fourth of July parade in the suburbs of Chicago. The defendant was later arrested.




The OPD tweeted at 11:32 pm that all families at the family reunion center were able to reunite.

Police said they believe the incident may have started near Pine Street or the concert hall, although the investigation is still at an early stage.

Smith added that police and fire brigades are focused on finding and treating anyone who may have been injured during the panic.

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