Abortion Laws by State: The legal status of abortion has changed day by day since Roe v. Wade flipped

In some of these states, the legal status of abortion has changed multiple times since the Supreme Court’s decision last month.

In Kentucky, the state’s ban on abortion, which came into force on June 24, was temporarily blocked by the court on June 30 and was scheduled for Wednesday.

In Ohio, the state’s six-week ban on abortion went into effect after a court overturned an injunction against the law on June 24. On June 29, he was challenged in court, but on Friday the Ohio Supreme Court denied him an emergency stay as legal proceedings against it continue.

In Texas, pre-Caviar The abortion ban was allowed to go into effect under a state Supreme Court ruling on Friday, though the ban can only be enforced in a civil, not criminal, manner. Abortions were allowed until fetal heart activity was detected, usually at the sixth week of pregnancy.

In Florida, the state’s new 15-week abortion ban that went into effect Friday was briefly suspended on Tuesday by a judge before the state immediately filed an appeal, resulting in an automatic stay of the injunction and allowing the law to come back into effect.

And in Mississippi, the state’s abortion ban was reaffirmed by a Republican attorney general on June 27, setting off a trigger ban that goes into effect Thursday. Abortion rights advocates tried to block the law from going into effect, but on Tuesday a judge ruled against them.

“The state of the game is changing by the hour,” said Anthony Romero, ACLU executive director. “To state the obvious, the Supreme Court decision has plunged this country and the court itself into a historic crisis.”

Susan B. Anthony, President of Pro-Life America Marjorie Dannenfelser, said the Supreme Court decision “paved the way for anti-abortion leaders across America to act swiftly in accordance with the will of the people.”

“Lives are being saved immediately, and thousands will be saved in the coming weeks and months,” Dannenfelser said.

Check out the map below for more information on the status of abortion in each state as of Tuesday evening.