Brisbane weather forecast: City shivering on coldest day in July in 22 years

One major city experienced its coldest day in more than two decades due to an “extremely unusual” weather system.

Brisbane experienced its coldest day in over 20 years as an “extremely unusual” weather system swept east Queensland.

The maximum temperature in the city on Tuesday was just 12.4°C, just above the record low of 12°C set in July 2000.

Cold weather comes as frost rolls across the state, and Monday’s high of just 14.2C marks River City’s seventh coldest day on record.

Temperatures were 8 to 12 degrees below average across most of the state in an unusually icy July brought on by incessant rain and thick clouds, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast recorded their coldest July days on record on Monday.

“Rain is what evens out the temperature between day and night,” meteorologist Helen Reid told The Courier-Mail.

“The sun rose, but it was stopped by clouds.”

Precipitation records were also eclipsed across the state, with Cairns and Marib having their rainiest days in July on Monday.

But the cold system now appears to be moving towards the Tasman Sea, leaving a more familiar outlook for warm-climate southeast Queenslanders.

The bureau predicts that Wednesday will peak at 21C, with 23C (Thursday) and 21C (Friday) to end the week.

“The cloud band is shifting, now it’s moving over Tasman,” Ms Reed explained.

“After this cloud clears, it will be sunny Thursday and Friday, with a mix of cloudy and sunny conditions over the weekend with a chance of rain along the coast.

“We are on the rise.”

However, clearer skies are likely to bring nighttime temperatures down as Ms Reid warned that inland areas could drop below 5°C.

“Night temperatures will drop a little because the night sky will be clearer, maybe 9C, 10C, but especially on land where the wind is less compared to the coast, these areas could drop to 4C and 5C by the weekend,” she said.

Originally published as City shivers from coldest day in 22 years due to ‘extremely unusual’ weather