databand: IBM acquires Databand to expand data visibility capabilities

technology company IBM on Wednesday announced the acquisition Databasean Israeli data surveillance software provider that helps organizations troubleshoot issues with their data for an undisclosed amount.

This is IBM’s fifth acquisition in 2022 as the company continues to strengthen its hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence skills and capabilities.

Since then, IBM has acquired more than 25 companies. Arvind Krishna became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in April 2020.

“With the addition of Databand, IBM offers the most complete set of surveillance capabilities for IT applications, data and machine learning,” said Daniel Hernandez, IBM general manager, data and artificial intelligence.

The open and extensible approach of Databand allows data scientists to easily integrate into their data infrastructure and provide visibility.

Databand capabilities can alert data scientists and engineers when the data they are using to fuel an analytics system is incomplete or missing.

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Enterprises will also have full flexibility on how to run Databand, whether as a service (SaaS) or self-subscribing software, says IBM.

“You can’t protect what you see, and when a data platform fails, everyone is affected, including customers,” said Josh Benamram, co-founder and CEO of Databand.

“Joining IBM will help us scale our software and significantly accelerate our ability to meet the growing needs of enterprise customers,” he added.

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