‘Flower Man’ goes viral at cousin’s wedding in North Beach

NORTH BEACH, Maryland. – A Maryland man went viral for stealing the show at a family wedding.

Brittany Waters-Havenhill says she asked her cousin Marcus Adams to be the florist for her wedding.

The ceremony took place on July 1 at Herrington-on-Bay in North Beach.

Adams accepted the offer and put on a real spectacle, which was caught on video.

As of Tuesday, Adams’ video on TikTok has over 587,000 likes, nearly 8,800 shares and over 3,200 comments. It has been viewed over 4 million times.

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Adams, Flower Daddy, the name given to him by his fiancé.

The bride and groom must be nervous before the wedding.

But it’s taken to a whole new level.

Adams’ car broke down on the way to the wedding. There were no rehearsals, no preparations, no flowers and baskets minutes before the wedding.

So what did Adams do to prepare? He did what any decent guy would do – he made peace on the spot.

“I just had to hit the ground running and get it done,” Adams said.

Flower dad has received over 100 requests for other weddings and even a few interested ladies.

Adams made it clear that they were speaking for him.

So a couple of days went by, and this little dance caught my attention.

“It’s nice, it’s just real crazy,” Adams said.

Adams said he wasn’t sure if he could deliver Flower Daddy’s team performance, but he’s leaning towards it.

“You can find me on Instagram at penny_freeway or on Facebook as Marcus Adams,” Adams said.