Jessica Chastain Speaks Reproductive Rights Decisive 4th of July Aftermath

ACTRESS Jessica Chastain posted a photo to Instagram on US Independence Day with middle fingers raised along with the caption, “Happy ‘Independence’ Day from me and my reproductive rights.”

In January she told Sunday Times that having access to Planned Parenthood and birth control pills made it possible for her to pursue a career as an actress.

“I’m the first person in my family who didn’t get pregnant when I was 17,” she told Daily. “[Planned Parenthood] had a big impact on my life because it gave me a choice.

“So, since I’m from this place, I know what it’s like. And it makes me angry. And I do not [want] someone else is denied something. In terms of voice, to be seen, recognized and appreciated.”

Chastain’s post comes just over a week after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ruling against Rowe. Wade, who abolished women’s constitutional right to abortion. 1973 Roe v. Wade’s ordinance granted women the right to abortion in all states.

However, a new 6-3 Supreme Court ruling on June 24 reversed a nearly 50-year-old precedent by giving states the power to make their own abortion laws. Following this decision, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, and South Dakota have already banned abortion in their states.

Chastain joins a growing number of female celebrities criticizing the “regressive” decision, including Anne Hathaway, Hilarie Burton, Halsey, Maya Hawke, Sophia Bush, Padma Lakshmi, Jane Fonda and Selena Gomez.