John Oliver talks about super-bizarre nightmare coming to the beach this summer

The biggest fear in beach this summer there may not be whirlpools, jellyfish or sharks. According to John Oliver it’s a small army of creepy, barnacle-covered pupae washed ashore in Texas.

Last Week Tonight was closed for the holiday weekend, but Oliver posted an online video warning about creepy dolls:

“Burn them! Burn them now!” he exclaimed. “I hate these dolls! I hate them so much that I’m talking to you about this in a week that we’re going out solely because I hate them!”

Just look at his reaction:

Oliver even warned viewers to stop watching the clip.

At this point, I would advise you to leave. Get out of here,” he said. Turn off this video and find, I don’t know, Architectural Digest tour of Jessica Alba’s third most luminous brownstone. Leave me here and never look back.”

Oliver came to the inevitable conclusion: the dolls must be destroyed.