Live updates from Nick Kyrgios and Christian Garin: Kyrgios responds to Wimbledon dress code furor

Nick Kyrgios adjusted his wardrobe ahead of the Wimbledon quarter-finals against Christian Garin.

Nick Kyrgios wore all white as he entered Court 1 for his Wimbledon quarter-final against Christian Garin.

After a bit of an argument over his disregard for the tournament’s strict dress code. in his fourth round match, where he wore a pair of red boots and a red cap before and after the collision, Kyrgios played by the rules this time.

Garin focused exclusively on tennis, scoring the first eight points of the match, taking an early break and taking a 2-0 lead.

But it wasn’t long before the Aussie’s star got back on his feet and bounced back to level the game at 3-3.

Kyrgios showed signs of frustration after losing a 0-30 lead in Game 8 and had to fight a 15-40 hole to keep his serve and take a 5-4 lead.

But he made Garin fall in love in the next game, winning the first set 6-4.

Before this tournament, the Chilean played two matches on grass in 2022 and lost both.

Garin’s lack of experience on Kyrgios’s best surface began to show when his attempts at high ground shots backfired and he lost 3-1 in the second set.

Kyrgios was not completely confident in the serve, but Garin could not make a break, as he was two sets behind love, 6-4 6-3.

The Chilean continued to struggle in the third set, perhaps spurred on by memories of a fourth victory over Alex de Minor, where he bounced back after two sets.

But every time he invaded Kyrgios’ serve, he was met with aces, and the end began to approach at 4-4.

This is the first match of Kyrgios since it became known he has been charged with assault in his native Canberra in connection with an incident with an ex-girlfriend in December 2021.

Kyrgios showed unity with his new partner Costin Hatzi at Wimbledon morning practice on Wednesday, holding hands as they walked to the training ground and exchanging kisses.

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