Maluleka hit by Chiefs fans over Sundowns move

When George Malulek left the Kaizer Chiefs for the Sundowns at the end of June 2020, it was only because his contract with Team Naturena had expired.

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But what he didn’t expect was that two years later he would still be blamed and made guilty for Amahoshi losing his DSTV premier title this season.

His contract ended when league games were suspended due to the massive Covid-19 outbreak that put the country on lockdown.

When games resumed in September, Malulek had already joined the Sundowns. But he was an important part of the Chiefs team, which had a significant lead before games were suspended. Amahoshi failed to regain their momentum after the resumption of play.

“I hear a lot of people are still unhappy or unhappy with the whole transition from the Chiefs to the Sundowns… I’ve talked about it a couple of times,” Malulek told SAfm on Tuesday night.

“Now I’m with Amazulu, and I just want to focus on my journey with them. I had and have a very good relationship with Kaizer Chiefs. I played at the limit of my capabilities while I was there … Now I am very emotional. Ash

“This happens all over the world in this industry and in business. Two sides could not agree, and the next best way out was to disperse. Yes, it was at a critical moment … My agent knows because they had a meeting.

“He and the Chiefs know why we couldn’t agree on terms. Then I was in Chiefs, then I moved to sunowns, and now I’m in AmaZulu. I just want to focus on my new chapter.”

Maluleka did not have a very good time in Sundowns as he struggled to become a regular character like he was in Amahoshi. He bore the brunt of this, as some Chiefs supporters showered him with abuse at every opportunity.

“I know some people are angry[about my move from the Chiefs to the Sundowns]but I just want to move on. Even today, people still make fun of it, but I’m moving on.”

When he left, there were rumors that he wanted to extend his contract for several months to finish the season with the Chiefs. Some fans believe that if he had stayed, the team would have been able to lift the league title under then-manager Ernst Middendorp.

“I really can’t comment on it. My agent talked with them on my behalf. At that time I was in Chiefs, and Covid happened. At that time, negotiations occurred, and since then there has been a biopouss.

“I don’t know what happened in that office, sorry. I had a very good time at the Chifs and played with all my heart. I went to sunsets and did the same … People will be angry, people will be sad. This is part of the game … If I still had a contract with them, I would fulfill the contract.

“I got away from it. But I’m guessing it’s because we’ve been in the industry before today and obviously because people are mean… it’s really not nice to be accused of something like this when people don’t know the whole story . But I think it comes with territory and I have to take it upon myself.”