Most Americans say life is starting to return to normal before the pandemic, survey says

According to a recent study, most Americans say their lives are at least close to normal before the pandemic.

While 12 percent of adults believe their lives are the same as they were before the pandemic, 54 percent believe their lives are somewhat the same. according to the surveypublished on Tuesday by the Associated Press-NORC Public Affairs Research Center and the SCAN Foundation.

A minority, 34%, believe that their life is no longer the same.

The survey was conducted in mid-May, when, as now, hospital admissions rose across the country.

According to the survey, a slight majority (51 percent of Americans) believe that getting a Covid-19 vaccine is essential for them, while 39 percent believe that almost all people should get a vaccine before things return to normal.

Fifty percent of Americans believe that having effective treatments for Covid-19 is essential to participating in community life.

Only 22% believe that wearing masks in public spaces is necessary to return to pre-pandemic life, while 20% consider regular testing necessary.

The study also found that black and Hispanic adults were more likely than white adults to place a high value on wearing masks indoors and on regular testing.

While 78 percent of black respondents said most people wearing masks in public would bring life back to normal, 62 percent of Hispanics and 44 percent of white respondents agreed.

When asked whether most people should get tested regularly, 71 percent of blacks said yes, compared to 58 percent of Hispanics and 42 percent of whites.

In the survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would connect with friends and family; 79% planned to go to a bar or restaurant, visit elderly relatives, go on a trip and attend religious services in person; 65% said they were ready to work out in the gym or studio; and 50 percent will use public transport.

The survey included 1,001 adult respondents who were interviewed online or by phone in English between May 12 and May 16.