Sydney flooding: police rescue, man trapped outside, South Windsor

The officers involved in the heroic rescue spoke of their life-saving decision to dive into the icy flood water.

Three police officers are applauded for their heroic efforts after diving into rising flood waters to rescue a man trapped inside their boat.

A South Windsor local resident alerted emergency services after spotting a flickering light coming from under a boat stuck in flood waters in western Sydney on Tuesday.

The police officer somehow managed to contact the man in the car.

He said there was only six inches of air between the river water and the poop roof.

Officers, including two probationary constables, rushed into action and dived into the water to rescue the man.

“We just had to get to the car, that’s all that mattered,” PC Lindsey Morgan said in an interview with the Today Show on Wednesday morning.

“He didn’t have much time and there were no other options.”

Getting to the car was not easy, as the officers overcame a series of obstacles underwater.

“One second you’re on a higher ledge, and the next you’re falling into a ditch or climbing over a fence you can’t see,” said PC Ryan Bloom-Poulton.

“It was certainly difficult to get there.”

When they arrived, the man went into a state of shock.

The volume of moving flood waters made it impossible to press on the doors to force them open.

The video captures the moment policemen save a life by warning a man to stay away from the windows.

Using a rock and batons, the police smashed the windows of the cars, but were unable to leave a dent.

While they were desperately trying to free the man, one of the police officers noticed that the door was ajar.

They managed to open it with their hands and finally drag the man to safety.

It took police just seven minutes to carry out the rescue, but they weren’t sure how long the man had been trapped in the cold and wet conditions.

“Fortunately, as soon as we pulled him to land, he began to gather again,” said Constable Morgan.

“It was just cold and shock from what was happening”

“In the end, he was more worried about the car than himself,” he joked.

Originally published as Police officers navigate icy flood waters to rescue a man who has run out of air in his car