VIDEO: Torrential rains exacerbate garbage problem in Brazilian Manaus

After heavy rains and record river floods, streams and rivers in the Amazonian capital of Manaus were carpeted with rubbish, affecting entire communities.

A lack of infrastructure and awareness has exacerbated the problem, even as the city’s cleanup efforts average 30 tons of trash from river waters every day.

As the Negro River in Manaus experiences another year of intense flooding, the discarded remains that have piled up on the banks of the river are carried away by heavy rain and accumulate around waterfront houses, streams and canals.

Recent aerial photographs have captured massive amounts of debris polluting water near homes, and residents such as Louise Teles, 48, say there are secondary concerns.

Heaps of rubbish attract animals and also become dangerous when children bathe or fall into the water.

Meanwhile, cleaners run 60 kilometers of river sections, discovering a huge accumulation of garbage, sometimes stuck in hard-to-reach places behind houses on the river bank.

In June, the level of the Negro River reached 29.75 meters, the fourth worst flood since records began in 1902.

Levels were already above 29 meters, indicating heavy flooding since May, keeping the capital on high flood alert.