Boris Johnson: UK PM is about to address the nation amid reports he’s stepping down

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make a statement to the nation on Thursday, a spokesman for his office at 10 Downing Street said.
It comes after many UK media outlets, including the BBC, report that Mr Johnson will announce his resignation as British Prime Minister after newly appointed ministers and more than 50 others left him in an uprising that brought the government dangerously close to paralysis.
In a sign that his support is fading in one of the most turbulent 24 hours in recent UK political history, Mr Johnson’s finance minister Nadhim Zahavi, who was only appointed to office on Tuesday, called on his boss to resign.
“This is unsustainable and will only get worse: for you, for the Conservative Party and, most importantly, for the entire country,” he wrote on Twitter.

“You must do the right thing and leave now.”

Some of those who have remained in office, including Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, have said they are doing so only because they have a duty to keep the country safe.
There were so many resignations of ministers that the government was faced with paralysis.
An energetic Mr Johnson came to power almost three years ago, vowing to secure the UK’s exit from the European Union and save it from the bitter disputes that followed the Brexit referendum in 2016.
Since then, some Conservatives have enthusiastically supported the former journalist and mayor of London, while others, despite reservations, have backed him because he was able to appeal to a part of the electorate that usually rejected their party.

This manifested itself in the elections in December 2019. But his administration’s belligerent and often chaotic approach to governance and a series of scandals have sapped the favor of many of his politicians, while opinion polls show he is no longer popular with the general public.

The recent crisis erupted after Conservative MP Chris Pincher, who served as pastor in government, was forced to resign over allegations that he molested men at a private club.
Mr. Johnson was forced to apologize after it was revealed that he was informed that Mr. Pincher was the target of previous sexual harassment complaints before he appointed him. The prime minister said he forgot.
This followed months of scandals and gaffes, including a damning report of drunken parties at his Downing Street residence and office that violated strict COVID-19 lockdown rules and led to him being fined by police for his 56th birthday gathering. .

There have also been political reversals, an ill-fated defense of a politician who broke lobbying rules and criticism for not doing enough to fight inflation as many Britons struggle to cope with rising fuel and food prices.