Charlie Austin arrives in Queensland to work with Brisbane Roar.

As much as he wants to take on Leeds and Aston Villa, new Brisbane Roar striker Charlie Austin would prefer long-term success at home.

Brisbane Roar’s new striker Charlie Austin is keen to play in the club’s Queensland Cup fixtures against Leeds and Aston Villa. but limited training made him focus more on the “big picture” of Australian Cup and A-League success.

Arriving in Queensland only early Thursday morning, the former Premier League shooter does not expect to play against Leeds at the Gold Coast next Thursday or Aston Villa next Wednesday in Townsville.

Instead, the Englishman is aiming to be in good shape and ready for Roar’s Australian Cup round of 16 game against NPL club Heidelberg United in Melbourne on 27 July.

“I’ve just been training at home literally alone because we’ve had time off since May,” said the 33-year-old shooter, who joined the Roar of English championship club Queens Park Rangers.

“It’s hard to force myself to go… so I just tick.

“Whether I play against Leeds or Aston Villa I’m not sure, but I hope definitely in the Australian Cup.

“I understand that everyone might want to see me play against Leeds and Aston Villa, but we need to look at the bigger picture.”

Austin said he was seduced by The Rev by a “project” sold to him by Brisbane coach Warren Moon when the pair recently met for talks in the UK.

“It should be successful and go back to the good times that were between 2011 and 2014 when Roar won three A-League titles),” he said, explaining the “project.”

“I know it seems far away, but you have to start somewhere… and now is the right time to start and I am just happy to be involved in a football club.

“I’m going to grab this opportunity with both hands and I’m excited to get started.”

Originally published as Brisbane Roar hires Charlie Austin for Australian Cup, not Queensland Cup games