Coetzee wants to seize the moment for Springboks against Wales

Springbok striker Marcell Coetzee is thrilled to be back with the national team and is battling to be stuck in Wales in the second Test at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein on Saturday.

Coetzee last played for Springboks in 2019 against Argentina, where he suffered an injury and subsequently ruled out of Boxing’s World Championship selection.

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He has been in top club form for the past few seasons and was finally rewarded with an inclusion in the national team for the international season and admitted that returning to the team is similar to when he first made his debut.

“It seems more or less because it was a long time ago. I played my last test in 2019 and after that you just know what you have when you log back in. Representing your country is a great honor, so just getting back into action is amazing,” Coetzee said.

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“Now it’s about seizing the moment, creating your opportunities and just taking advantage of them. You have to take it moment by moment, play it for the game, and that’s how the games will present themselves,” Coetzee added.

“There will be hard times, there will be times when you have to try hard, but you just have to accept it as it is.”

Exciting free trio

Coetzee will play in an exciting trio against Wales, with Pieter-Stef du Toit and Evan Roos rounding out the back three, and he is keen to build a solid partnership with them in the match.

“If you take Peter Steph, he was the World Player of the Year (in 2019) so he brings a lot of experience to the free trio. Evan (Roos) had an exceptional season for the Stormers, so it’s good that he got the award,” Coetzee said.

“The biggest challenge for us right now as a free trio is to create this synergy and cohesion. These are the men you want to have around you and we look forward to this weekend.”

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The complete reworking of match-23 for the second test also came as no surprise to Coetzee. He acknowledged that the coaches hinted at the plan ahead of the first Test.

“To have the opportunity and the support of the coaches is a great honor. We kind of knew what the plan was, but we needed to see how it went over the weekend,” Coetzee explained.

“The coaches were supportive of the plan, though, and that gives us players a lot of confidence knowing we’ve got their backing for this game.”