Digital Therapy Outreach Considerations – Healthcare Economist

What role should digital therapy (DTx) play in our treatment landscape? What regulatory and access processes need to be in place to ensure that these treatments are safe, effective and valuable? What evidence is needed to support claims of safety, efficacy, and value?

These questions and more have been addressed in the AMCP DTx Partner Forum. The proceedings of this meeting identified a number of areas where DTx’s oversight and governance could be improved, including:

… standardization of definitions and product categories in the DTx industry; emphasizing the importance of regulatory approval in setting standards of evidence for DTx; establishing an evidence system for making DTx coverage and reimbursement decisions; consideration of unique aspects of the DTx product, such as data security, privacy, and product updates; increase awareness and professional experience in the field of DTx among all stakeholders in the field of healthcare; and promoting DTx implementation and equal access.

Abraham and others (2022) The publication also has a nice table that discusses some of the key considerations regulators and payers face when deciding whether to cover digital therapy.

More discussions available at full article.