Eight-year-old girl struggles with a severe flare-up of eczema

The mother-of-four detailed the ‘heartbreaking’ ordeal that left her daughter feeling ‘ugly’ and a ‘bad girl’.

The mother detailed the ‘heartbreaking’ ordeal of her eight-year-old daughter after a severe outbreak of eczema left her feeling ‘ugly’ and a ‘bad girl’.

Mia’s body is covered in blisters, red scabs that constantly itch and get worse.

Her face, scalp, feet, wrists, and ankles were the most affected, and her family tried a number of methods to try and cure it.

Toowoomba mother-of-four Melinda Pitman said it’s hard to watch her daughter struggle and not be able to help.

“She’s a pretty tough kid, but she tells us quite often that she’s a bad kid because she can’t stop scratching or that she’s ugly,” she told NCA NewsWire.

“Of course, it’s painful for parents to hear, but we are trying to do everything in our power for her.”

While Mia has struggled with eczema in the past, Ms. Pitman has said nothing compared to the current outbreak.

“It’s heartbreaking…my daughter has always had sensitive skin, but this outbreak is terrible,” she said.

“It’s everywhere. Her palms, her legs, her ears, her eyes, her scalp… skin everywhere, and she cries non-stop.
“She goes to school in overalls and the caregivers apply cream during the day. I’m so sad for her that there’s nothing else I can do.

“She itches all night and we are emotionally drained.”

While Mia is directly affected, her eczema has taken its toll on the entire family.

“Sometimes it’s harder for us because she wants to be with us or with us, but that’s not possible,” Ms Pitman said.

“It gets a little crazy and tough.”

Mia’s current flare-up has been so bad that Miss Pitman took her to the emergency room last month.

At one stage, they also tried twice-weekly whitening baths, although they “didn’t really do much.”

“It’s really frustrating because they (doctors) promise you that these things will work, and when it doesn’t work, it’s disheartening,” Ms. Pitman said.

“You do everything you’re told, but you don’t do anything to make her feel better. It’s hard to get her to go through with it after you promised her all of this after the doctor told you it would work.”

Mia had recently started a new treatment and felt a “drastic improvement”.

The new cream has taken away most of the redness from her outbreak, although she still feels “super itchy” and struggles to sleep at night.

Australia has one of the highest rates of eczema in the world, with one in four children suffering from the debilitating skin condition.

MooGoo chief executive Melody Livingston said the skin care company has recently been inundated with stories similar to Mia’s.

“Australia has one of the highest rates of eczema in the world and the situation is only getting worse – 50 years ago, only one in ten Australian children suffered from it,” she said.

“It can develop for a number of reasons, including climate, lifestyle, hygiene and genetics, and can easily become infected, causing pain, inflammation and lack of sleep.”

According to dermatologists and skin experts, eczema often flares up this time of year due to factors such as the weather, heating mold, friction, constant handwashing, and stress.

Originally published as Eight-year-old Mia feels “ugly” and a “bad girl” because of her eczema.