House next to elementary school, kindergarten approved for firearms trade

FLUSHING, Michigan. (VNEM) – A Michigan home about a quarter mile from an elementary school has been given the green light to open a firearms business.

The issue may not be as controversial as it seems.

The house in Flushing received special permission for the Planning Commission to use Flushing to manufacture, remake, or repair weapons, a prospect that initially worried some residents.

“I always feel embarrassed when guns are brought into a community simply because of what happened across the country, including yesterday in Chicago and Michigan,” said George Grey, a Flushing resident.

Residents were concerned that the house was less than a quarter mile from Springview Elementary School and close to a daycare that was allowed to carry firearms.

The City of Flushing’s zoning code subject home activities to several conditions, including conformity to the nature of the surrounding area.

“I think based on the information they were given, the commissioners probably made the best decision they could,” Gray said.

Clinton Hippensteel has applied for a special use permit.

“Basically it’s just a registration process,” Hippensteel said.

Hippensteel was reluctant to make statements after the meeting, but clarified that he would not manufacture ammunition or even remake firearms.

Instead, he plans to keep logs and records and vet people who buy and apply for firearm modifications.

“A lot of this will be done online as a broker. You must send it to a federal firearms licensee to hand over your guns that you purchase online. I need this so that the FLL application, through AFT, will register these firearms as they are made, ”said Hippensteel.

“The gentleman’s intentions were much clearer when he explained them than they were in the statement. The statement sounded as if he was going to manufacture and repair weapons at home. But I still have concerns. I’m just not a fan of guns in the community,” Gray said.