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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has created the worst information environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in softening the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in the comments. None of us need more support and repetition of unlinked memes; there are platforms for that. Pom-poms of little value without references will be destroyed without delay.

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Physicists see electronic whirlpools for the first time News from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They are here:

How Antarctic krill coordinate the world’s largest swarms Scientific American

The data does not confirm the recession in the US (video) Barry Ritholz, The Big Picture. On the tight labor market:

We are not in recession yet Real clean markets

Worst for financial markets 6 months The wealth of common sense

Copper crash deepens as recession fears hang over metals trade Bloomberg


The infamous 1972 report warning of the collapse of civilization (interview) Wired. “Politically, at the corporate level, at the official level, things are going the wrong way. Culturally, below the line, I’m sure a lot is going in a good direction. The human revolution is already happening – we just don’t see it.” “Notorious” is really the wrong word. How about “real”?

Failing US Climate Leadership Raises Concerns Over COP27 Summit FT

‘In the mouth of dragons’: Melting glaciers threaten northern Pakistanh Agence France Presse

Over the tropics discovered a “huge” unexpected ozone hole Independent

# COVID-19

COVID-19 deaths linked to falling US life expectancy Center for Research and Policy in Infectious Diseases. Everything goes according to plan.

The analysis shows that Omicron COVID waves have caused low-income Ontarians to die more frequently. Toronto Star

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Have COVID vaccination mandates worked? What the Data Says Nature

A Moment of Vaccine Uncertainty NEZHM

The mysterious disappearance of MIS-S Munro report. Good news!

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Vacationers warned about the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in European countries Keeper (Re Silc). It’s very unfortunate that international air travel is one huge super-spreading event, but here we are.

New sub-variant of Covid-19 Omicron BA.2.75 found in countries like India: WHO Tribune. The Covid train always leaves on time and there is always another train coming.


Monkeypox cases in New York doubled in a week, more vaccines coming in days NBC

Labcorp Offers Monkeypox Testing as part of U.S. Diagnosis Effort Bloomberg


Shanghai chases COVID karaoke cluster as China seeks to curb outbreaks Reuters

How a Chinese tycoon derailed the nickel market and survived a $1 billion loss South China Morning Post

China Police Database Opened Online for Over a Year, Leaking Information WSJ

Taiwan and the Creation of an “Asian” NATO Black Agenda Report


Parsi: new sanctions against Iran could mean the death of the JCPOA Responsible public administration


Boris Johnson to step down as prime minister as government collapses FT. Larry the Cat has views:

Johnson, His Fall London Review of Books

The split French parliament gave the new prime minister difficulties during the first speech euronews

New not-so-cold war

How to arm Ukraine to break the blockade of the Black Sea Foreign policy. From the Hudson Institute.

Russia to take part in G20 meeting dominated by Ukrainian conflict Reuters

Russia is preparing to mobilize the economy for a protracted war in Ukraine FT

Biden administration

Democrats Schumer and Manchin strike to cut drug costs for older people ABC news. Allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.

We want to restore US relations with China WSJ

Officials ask if Biden’s top diplomat in Mexico has gone too far? NEW


Republican moms apologize to their liberal kids Slate


The dark truth behind the SCOTUS decision Washer. “The conservative judges bent on overthrowing Roe are also the epitome of a relentless fifty-year political campaign.” Something that the Democratic Party cannot even imagine, let alone accomplish.

Curbing the fourth branch of government RealClearPolitics

Republicans may be ready for a showdown with the Supreme Court Noah Millman, New York Times

History, Supreme Court and Dobbs v. Jackson: AHA and OAH Joint Statement (July 2022) American Historical Association

State Police

Much more could have been done to save the victims of the Uvalda massacre, a new report says. NPR


“God, Hwang and Archegos”: insider details of the collapse of the company are revealed in the lawsuit Bloomberg. Family office tricks.

a lack of

Trade restrictions fuel worst food crisis in a decade World Bank Blogs

Global hunger is still an avoidable scourge Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

US diversifies infant formula production to avoid shortages AP

class war

Shareholder power and a shrinking workforce NBER. From the abstract: “According to the theory of the firm based on conflict of interest between shareholders and stakeholders, we find that establishment firms that experience growth in ownership from larger and more concentrated institutional shareholders have lower employment and wages” .

How foreign private capital hooked the New England fishing industry ProPublica

Shrinking middle class NEW

Happiness data that destroys Freud’s theory WSJ

These photos capture the indescribable glory of trains Smithsonian Institution

Walking in Venice Craig Maud

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