Twitter spam accounts: Twitter claims to delete over 1 million spam accounts daily

Twitter deletes more than 1 million spam accounts every day, executives said at a briefing on Thursday, providing new insight into efforts to curtail malicious automated bots like billionaire Elon. Musk demanded more details from the social media company.

The briefing will take place after Musk
threatened to derail a $44 billion deal buy Twitter, unless the company provides evidence that spam and bots make up less than 5% of users who see ads on the social network.

Musk previously tweeted that one of his biggest priorities after the Twitter acquisition is to “defeat the spambots or die trying.”

In a conference call, the company confirmed that spam accounts make up less than 5% of users exposed to ads, a figure that hasn’t changed in its public documents since 2013.

Human reviewers manually check thousands of Twitter accounts at random and use a combination of public and private data to calculate and report to shareholders on the share of spam and bot accounts on the service, Twitter said.

The company said it does not believe the settlement of such invoices could be done externally as it would require personal information, but declined to comment on the type of data it would provide to Musk.

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