UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns after growing calls for his resignation

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday said he was stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party amid mounting pressure to step down.

His decision to resign came after an influx of resignations from members and aides of his cabinet.

Johnson said he would remain prime minister for the time being.

Boris Johnson resigns

Addressing the Nation from the Steps 10 Downing StreetJohnson said it was clear that a new leader, “and therefore a new prime minister,” should take the helm.

He said he was sad to leave “the best job in the world.”

As of Thursday, 40 ministers and three cabinet members have resigned, and more will follow in time.

Parliamentary Minister George Freeman, who stepped down as science minister on Thursday, said Johnson “finally did the right thing.”

Freeman added:[Johnson] must “surrender the seals of office, apologize to Her Majesty, allow her to appoint a caretaker under whom ministers may serve, so that the Conservative Party may properly choose a new leader.”

Disaster Cabinet

Meanwhile, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said MPs “have a duty to ensure the security of this country, no matter who the Prime Minister is.”

Moving on to the e-highway, Wallace said: [Conservative] The party has a mechanism for changing leaders, and I advise my colleagues to use this mechanism.

“In the meantime, the public will not forgive us if we leave these government offices empty.”

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The fall of Boris Johnson

Chris Pincher allegations

Johnson was under scrutiny for a variety of reasons, including how he handled an incident involving Deputy Chief Tory Whip Chris Pincher who “drank too much”.

Pincher is said to have “disgraced“In a London club after she was accused of harassing two men.

Johnson initially said he was unaware of the allegations when he appointed Pincher in February.

However, it later turned out that Johnson was aware of the complaints – he was even personally informed about the incident.

PartyGate and cost of living in the UK

Additional nails in Johnson’s coffin include the 2020 Partygate scandal, when the prime minister broke lockdown rules and hosted a June birthday gathering.

This issue caught the attention of senior civil servant Sue Gray, who informed about “failures of leadership and judgment at No. 10 (Downing Street) and in the Cabinet”.

Residents of the UK are also up in arms against the recent rise in the cost of living and taxes as the country battles a 9.1% inflation rate.