2022 Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 Australia price and specifications

This famous German brand is famous for its fire-breathing V8 engines, but its latest development defies previous vehicles.

The first electric car Mercedes-AMG arrived in Australia promising a new take on the brand’s renowned combination of pace and finesse.

Claimed as a high-performance sedan in the same category as the AMG-badged one. S-class limousines, The new Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 offers up to 560 kW of power. That’s more than any other stock Benz car sold in Australia, even the 537kW model. Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series the coupe is currently used as a Formula One safety car.

Starting at $328,400 plus travel expenses (around $350,000 in transit), it represents one of the most expensive options at Mercedes showrooms, leaving aside truly luxurious options like the top model. Mercedes-Maybach S680 (yours for $574,000 plus off-road).

The new EQS 53 is the second most expensive electric car sold in Australia, $24,200 short of the record set Top Taycan Turbo S from Porsche. Like Porsche, Mercedes has a long list of options for potential customers.

You can spend $9,990 on carbon-ceramic brakes to curb its massive power, $9,290 on an “energy comfort” package with rear-seat entertainment screens, or $3,990 on a blacked-out styling package with 22-inch rims.

Equipped as standard with 484kW and 950Nm front and rear electric motors, the EQS 53 can be upgraded to 560kW and 1020Nm of thrust with the purchase of the $7,690 Performance Upgrade Package. In this configuration, the EQS 53 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds before hitting the 250 km/h speed limiter.

It’s not as fast as Mercedes’ fastest petrol or hybrid models, the petrol-electric ones. four-door GT 63 SE Performance accelerates to a ton in 2.9 seconds.

And this electric machine won’t make the chesty rumble of V8s and V12s commonly found in AMG’s flagship sedans.

Instead, customers will enjoy synthesized sound effects delivered through a Burmester stereo surround sound system in a futuristic cockpit with a huge 1.4 meter wide digital display.

Standard kit includes smart LED headlights, four-wheel steering, air suspension and massage seats.

Also included is a sizable suite of Mercedes driver aids, as well as a really huge 107.8kWh battery providing a claimed range of 585 kilometers. Unlike the electric Porsche and its Audi e-tron GT cousin, which are built on an 800-volt electrical architecture, Mercedes’ 400-volt chassis limits the maximum charging power to 200 kW. It’s not enough to brag about, but it will add 300 kilometers in 19 minutes on public fast charging sites.

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