A restaurant in Missouri called a woman who put a bug on her plate and left without paying.

QUIET, MO. (KMOV) – A restaurant in Missouri has been charged with theft by a customer who put a bug on his plate and left without paying.

AT social media post On Thursday, El Agave Pacific wrote that someone claimed to have found a mistake in the last few bites of their food and decided to vilify the restaurant. The restaurant wrote that the waiter left for the manager, and the woman left without paying.

According to the restaurant, surveillance video showed the woman taking the bug out of her purse and placing it on a plate. The restaurant said the bill was $31.

“It’s too easy to smear and hurt businesses on social media. And those who joined in her victory and cheered her on, and worse, shared her lies, you are just as big a problem as she is. This needs to be stopped,” reads part of their Facebook post.

El Agave Pacific said it was charged with theft and would consult with a lawyer.