Border guards use ‘unnecessary’ force against Haitian migrants, report says

Border Patrol agents who encountered Haitian migrants on horseback at the Texas border in September used “unnecessary” force, according to a report released Friday.

The four agents involved in the incident have been sent for possible prosecution, but the outcome of the process is yet to be determined, senior customs and border officials said Friday.

An investigation by the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility found no evidence that the agents “deliberately or otherwise hit the reins on any migrant.”

September. 19, an AFP photo of an agent on horseback leaning over and grabbing a Haitian by the shirt raised questions about whether the migrants were whipped with reins.

The report says that clashes between Haitian migrants and border agents were the result of a lack of “command, control and communication.” According to the report, the agents were acting on instructions from Texas law enforcement.

The incident sparked widespread outrage, prompting President Biden to criticize the agents’ response.

By Sept. On December 19, about 15,000 Haitian migrants gathered under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

The migrants were issued tickets, according to which they could be issued by border guards. The border guards decided to allow Haitian migrants to cross the Rio Grande back and forth for food and water.

For about 15 minutes that day, Border Patrol agents on horseback tried to prevent migrants from leaving the river on the US side.

The report states that the two agents used their horses to “violently block the exit of migrants from the river and harassed migrants who successfully exited the river, including grabbing one of them by the shirt and twirling around.”

One of the agents chased the migrant along the river’s edge, and his horse had to “narrowly maneuver around a small child.” According to the report, one of the agents said he “knew that several migrants had” tickets issued by border guards.