Eintracht and Rangers fans gather in Spain ahead of the Europa League final

Scottish side Glasgow Rangers and German side Eintracht Frankfurt will meet on Wednesday evening in the final of the Europa League.

The match will take place in the Spanish city of Seville.

For the German side, this is the chance to win their first European trophy in over 40 years, and for the Rangers it has been over 50 years.

“It’s just something you dream about as a kid and you don’t really think you’re going to see it,” explained one excited Rangers fan in Seville before the game. “I think after Real Madrid and Manchester United you expect it, but for us it happens once in a lifetime.”

“The atmosphere with the Glasgow fans is good, calm and very harmonious,” added a fan from Frankfurt who came from Germany to watch his team. “I didn’t see any aggression from either side, it’s just great.”

But only part of the fans of both sides will be in the stadium. The two clubs were allocated only half of the stadium’s 40,000 seats.

The winner will automatically advance to the next season’s Champions League.