Fans mourn the cancellation of TV’s cutest comedy ‘Joe Pera Talks to You’

One of the most unexpected TV shows of all time is no more.

Joe Pera, star of ‘Joe Pera Talks to You’, says the gentle comedy has been cancelled. Swimming for adults just three seasons later. However, in the true spirit of Per, he praised the network, saying that he was given a rare degree of creative freedom.

“The one where the guy recreates the 2001 movie The Rat Race with his friends, which also realistically depicts the experience of losing a family member? go ahead,” He wroteand noted that Adult Swim was “supportive of our ideas and wanted us to do the show we wanted to do”.

“It seemed like we broke something – a different tone that now appeared in a slightly different place. Pretty neat, but also frustrating that we won’t be able to explore it further (at least with this show). Hey, if I never do anything else, this was the show I’ve always wanted to see and I’m glad it exists now. But hopefully it’s not.”

“Joe Pera Talks to You” was unique in that it took seemingly mundane things like having breakfast at a diner, growing a bean arch, discovering a new favorite song, or getting rid of a pumpkin lantern after Halloween, and parsing those situations for tender moments. and sublime comedy, often at the same time.

The keeper called one episode “So beautiful I almost cried”, while NPR rated it as “simple and useful and totally fun. ” Vice compared Peru to Mister Rogers and announced the show “the best thing Adult Swim has ever done. ”

In the spring of 2020, with the coronavirus raging and millions taking shelter at home, Pera released a segment called “Relaxing Old Footage” to calm things down a bit:

Pera joked that after the show was cancelled, he was already offered a new job.

“The credit card company asked me to do the 30th version of the show,” he wrote. “Like a show that goes between other shows and I lift their credit card at the end. It sounded great to me, so I said…just kidding, I would never.”

Pera also talked about his interactions with fans who enjoyed the show:

“The best thing was when I met with someone after the show and they mentioned that they watched Christmas Tree every December, or told me that sleep episodes really work, or that they showed the series to their father and at first he hated it. but now they regularly watch it together.”

Pera is currently touring with a stand-up show and plans to film it specifically.

But fans are mourning the loss of Joe Pera Talks to You, which is currently streaming on HBO Max: