Getting emotional

OUR The episode begins with the introduction of Eun Kye Hoon (Yeo Jin Goo), a celebrity chef whose twin sister mysteriously disappeared years ago. He suddenly becomes “connected” with the emotions of a young woman named Roh Da Hyun (Moon Ga Young). As he begins to have the same deep feelings as Da Hyun, he slowly starts caring for her more.

However, this is not the first time Gyehun has experienced such a deep emotional connection. Previously, he also shared his twin sister’s strong feelings. For some reason, Gyehun can’t shake the feeling that Dahyun might be his sister. In the end, it is proven that Da Hyun is not his sister, but it is revealed that she has been with the Eun siblings in the past, making it difficult to predict where their bond will go.

One evening, disaster strikes. Da Hyun wakes up to find a dead man in her mother’s restaurant after a terrible fight. Her mother and grandmother, Na Chun-ok (Ye-soo-jeong), rush to her rescue and appear too relaxed as they help dispose of the body they stuff into the refrigerator outside. The refrigerator actually belongs to Ge Hong and was thrown away by mistake.

Ge Hong and Jin Ho are rolling him over to their bistronomy restaurant, which is about to open. The answer to the riddle is revealed when it is discovered that the stalker is still alive, although he was hit by a car after jumping out of the refrigerator, raising further concerns about his whereabouts.

Link, who describes his genre as fantasy-romance detective, seems to be doing a great job of slowly revealing his attractions. The show’s most obvious shortcoming is its overconfidence in trying to combine humor, romance, drama and mystery into one compelling storyline, all of which are now progressing at a slower pace. Link: Eat, Love, Kill handles many different elements.

In addition to exciting mainstream performances and an entertaining mix of comedy and mystery, the program exudes a sense of familiarity. It’s also interesting how the series methodically exposes the dangers women can face in their daily lives while maintaining that fun, enigmatic tone. The allusions to past events give us enough intrigue to get us lost, and I hope the drama maintains a healthy blend of fantasy romance and mystery. I look forward to all the other theories in this series, as well as the great relationships of the main characters.

Cast: Yeo Jin Goo, Moon Ka Young

Directed by: Hong Jong-chan