NRL 2022: Latrell Mitchell on record, high tackle, Dominic Young, South Sydney Rabbitos vs Newcastle Knights, David Klemmer

Southern star Latrell Mitchell could be in trouble because of a hard tackle by Knights forward Dominic Young that stumped him.

Southerns star Latrell Mitchell could find himself in a difficult spot after he was sent to court for a high kick on Knights forward Dominic Young and then he lifted an injured player off the ground.

In the 18th minute, Mitchell saved a try from Young, who was left prone after being collected high.

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Mitchell then lifted Young off the ground, believing he was unharmed.

“What a tackle,” said Steve Roach.

“What happened here,” Dan Ginnane said.

“Mitchel wanted him to stand up immediately.

“Young tried to put that footwork back on and get on the outside, but Mitchell didn’t want anything.

What is the left hand doing there? He collects young buzz? Probably. ”

Roach predicted that Mitchell would be made aware of the incident.

“I think so,” Roach said of Mitchell picking up Young while high.

“That’s why he stayed downstairs. I think he’ll be held accountable for that too. It hit him in the face.”

Mitchell was involved in a verbal altercation with Young and Knights prop David Klemmer after a tackle.

“It will be a penalty,” Jinan said.

“That’s why Latrell tried to get him to hurry up and play.

“Latrell just gives it to the young man.”

However, Roach acknowledged that Mitchell didn’t have much of a choice with a pleading attempt line.

“There’s really nothing he (Mitchell) can do there,” Roach said.

“You have to do everything you can to hit the guy who scored a couple of minutes ago.”

Referee Todd Smith put Mitchell on the record for South’s star protesting his case.

“Head contact, it’s being reported,” Smith said.

“What should I do?” Mitchell replied.

Ginnan believes Mitchell’s lack of football and a clean record in 2022 could play in his favor with the match review committee.

“He has yet to be charged with Latrell Mitchell this year,” Jinan said.

“Only his sixth game in 2022.”

However, Mitchell has a good track record going back to his career and will sweat the decision of the match review committee.

Originally published as “What am I supposed to do?”: Latrell in a long-range strike report