Verizon is giving away free phones to customers still on 3G

Verizon is sending out free 4G flip phones to customers who are still using the company’s old 3G network, which the company plans to shut down by the end of 2022, according to company support page.

Verizon is issuing devices to people who haven’t upgraded their phone to 4G LTE yet. Anyone on the old network will not be able to make or receive phone calls after Verizon shuts it down. According to its website, customers will receive circular journey V, TCL FLIP Pro or Nokia 2720 V Flip. These devices cost around $80 and have one or two stars in customer reviews.

While most people who have a basic 3G phone may want to take advantage of this offer, some people may already have a 4G device from a family member or friend who has since upgraded to an even newer 5G phone. Customers who don’t want Verizon to send them new phones can call customer support and ask to “waive the free CDMA Sunset phone.” Existing plans and contracts will remain the same.

Verizon will automatically activate sent devices if the customer fails to do so.

AT&T and T-Mobile have already retired their 3G networks and both have also offered eligible customers new phones for free.