Amber Heard demands new trial, alleging wrong juror sat on jury

Amber Heard calls for a new trial against the actor Johnny Deppher ex-husband, a month after a Virginia jury found largely in his favor in a defamation suit.

Hurd’s legal team argues in court on Friday that the person who appeared on the jury was not the one called to serve on the jury. Deadline announced.

Referee ordered Heard to pay Depp about $10 million in damages. following an op-ed published in 2018 in which the actress identified herself as a victim of domestic violence but did not name the perpetrator.

She was awarded $2 million in damages.

Hurd’s legal team wrote that “Juror no. 15, listed on the jury list as a 77-year-old, is registered to vote at the same address as a 52-year-old man of the same name, according to the application.

“The person who appeared as a juror under that name was apparently younger,” the legal team wrote.

“Thus, a 52-year-old man … sitting on a jury for six weeks, was never called to serve on a jury on April 11 and was not ‘listed’.”

The legal team detailed how jurors in trials are asked to verify their identity before serving in court.

Jurors are also being asked to verify their identity on the Fairfax County jury questionnaire web page, a questionnaire that asks jurors to log in with their date of birth, the team said.

“These safeguards exist and are relied upon by the parties to verify the identity of the correct juror, to ensure due process and a fair trial for all parties,” the legal team wrote.

“When these safeguards are circumvented or not respected, as is the case here, the right to trial by jury and due process of law are undermined and compromised.”

HuffPost contacted Heard and Depp’s legal teams about Friday’s filing.

Innings comes after Rep. Hurd said she plans to appeal her multimillion-dollar lawsuit in June.

Hurd, in an interview with NBC News last month, said she feared future defamation lawsuits for talking about her relationship with Depp.