Coles employee jokingly threatens Woolworths on TikTok

Woolworths received a hilarious threat from a Coles employee who gave the retailer 24 hours to respond to his offer.

The brash laborer Coles has issued a stern threat to his employer’s biggest rival Woolworths after an unexpected scene in a car park.

An employee filmed his opening for TikTok, uploaded on Friday, telling Woolies to fix the problem immediately, “otherwise.”

The clip shows how two Woolworths carts entered the Coles cart collection area, which the worker jokingly disagreed with.

“Hello, this is a message from Coles to Woolis,” the worker told viewers.

“We’re currently holding two of your shopping carts hostage,” he said, before crashing Coles’ cart into two belonging to the Woolies.

“You have 24 hours to respond. Or else.”

The 11-second clip has been viewed over 460,000 times and received close to 800 comments, many of which urged Woolworths to respond.

“No woolies, I wouldn’t let that slide mate,” read one comment.

“If I were the Woolies, I would come up to the table with an offer,” said another.

“I wouldn’t take disrespect if I was wool,” wrote a third.

People loyal to opposing supermarkets also came to the defense of their chosen store.

“I work for the Woolies, give them freedom!” one said.

“I support this as a Coles member,” wrote another.

Someone else jokingly suggested “call the police”.

“Bro, our woolies never have carts… I think I just figured out why,” another person said.

Others joked that the tram tragedy was a sad example of how terrible crime is in Australia.

“So terrible are the wars on the streets of Australian cities. RIP to the fallen,” wrote one of them.

Some were simply thrilled to watch the drama unfold.

“Oh hell yeah! I’m so up for it!! one person said.

Originally published as Coles worker demands Wool respond to ‘hostage’ situation within 24 hours, ‘or else’