Get an inside look at Reba’s Place Fall 2022.

ATOKA, Oklahoma. (KXII) – Texoma knows her songs, her TV shows, and soon Texans will be able to eat like Reba McIntyre with Reba’s Place opening this fall.

Historical building in downtown Atoka will soon become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Southeast Oklahoma with the opening Place of the Reba.

The three-story building will not only serve as a restaurant and bar, but will also feature live music on stage from opening to closing, as well as a gift shop on the third floor where you can dress up as Reba herself.

“Oh my gosh, they can expect to have a good time…so when they come to the Rebbe they will have the feeling of a really cool country with a lot of music, it will just be the best place to go. and hang out,” said Reba’s Place restaurant manager Garett Smith.

In November, Reba announced that she was opening her own entertainment center in downtown Atoka.

“She’s very practical, so it makes a big difference and the city of Atoka is amazing, not just the city as a whole, like the city council and the people who work in the city, but the community as a whole. I mean, they just got us so supportive and were so excited about it all, we couldn’t ask for better partners,” Smith said.

News 12 spoke to local business owners and residents of Atoka about what they think of Reba’s Place.

“It should be great, it’s going to be great, it’s going to change the whole face of this downtown, I’ve been here 27 years and I’ve seen things come and things go, but it will have a lasting impact on this community. there is no doubt about that, Jewelry Sarilea Said owner Sarilea Combs.

“The Choctaw Nation and the Reba will make southeastern Oklahoma a tourist destination,” said Atoka resident Mark Sandmann.

Reba’s Place is hiring 160 staff for multiple positions, with job fairs on Friday and Saturday, but don’t worry if you don’t have a red wig.

“We’re very rural, we’re very Southeast Oklahoma, you know, Reba T-shirts on them, stuff like that, so it’s going to be really casual, a lot of fun, you’ll probably see a lot of denim because it’s there’s a sort of ranch-rodeo feel throughout the restaurant, but I don’t think we’ll have red wigs,” Smith said.

Reba’s Place will have a wide selection of food, from her favorite foods she grew up with to her favorite foods she’s had in the cities she’s toured to, and even signature cocktails.

“I’ll be first if they let me,” Sandmann said.

Reba has partnered with the City of Atoka and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to bring this multi-entertainment experience to visitors, scheduled to open in Fall 2022.

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