Is a new Royal AM player giving up training or is he still a Swallows player?

There seems to be some confusion surrounding Royal AM’s new signing Kethukutula Ndlovu, whose agent claims he is still a Swallows player.

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Ndlovu was among the new players announced by Royal AM over the weekend, along with his new coach, Habo Zondo. But since then, Ndlovu has not trained with the Pietermaritzburg team.

According to a report by SABC Sport, Ndlovu’s representatives claim that the player has yet to sign with Sean “MaMkhize” Mkhize’s side, although he did attend the photo shoot and opening.

SABC Sport The report also cites a letter from Royal AM lawyer Leruma Tobejane Ndlov and his representatives regarding his absence from the team and warning of the consequences of such actions.

Swallows FC entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Royal AM FC under which Royal AM FC acquired the player Mr. K. Ndlova. One of the essential terms of the sales contract is that Mr. K. Ndlovu’s employment contract with Swallows FC has been transferred to Royal AM FC.

“Swallows FC has issued a permit for Mr. K. Ndlovu, who is in the possession of (sic) Royal AM FC,” the letter reads.

“Therefore, Mr. Ndlovu has once again been officially notified that his absence from work at Royal AM FC is a violation of his employment contract, and this letter serves as an additional requirement for Mr. Ndlovu to report to work at Royal AM FC.”

Ndlovu was part of a deal that involved three players that Swallows were to sell to Royal AM. These are Ndlovu, Ruzaig Hamildien and Dillon Solomons. The latter, however, opted out and has since joined the Kaizer Chiefs. ,

The original deal called for Ndumiso Mabena to go the other way, but that deal fell through after Solomons went against her.

Royal AM chief executive Sinki Mnisi then went on radio and stated that they would dispute Solomon’s deal with the Chiefs. But they haven’t filed a case yet.