Meet the Robot Helping Florida Beach Cleanup

MADEIRA BEACH, Florida. – It’s about the size of a golf cart, remote controlled and fully electric.

Be-Bot is its name, and it’s a machine built to clean up the sand on your nearby beach.

“The robot is designed to sift through a very thin layer of sand and remove small particles of debris,” explained Pat DePlasco, chief executive of Keep Pinellas Beautiful.

This trash includes tiny trash that is often overlooked and left behind; cigarette butts, bottle caps, food wrappers and straws.

Be-Bot has been cleaning shorelines all over Florida and on Monday made Madeira Beach its latest cleaning shop.

For the remainder of the month, the robot will participate in the Keep Pinellas Beautiful Be-Bot Beach Tour, making 13 more stops along the county’s shores, holding demonstrations and combing the sand.

All trash collected by the bot is sorted, serving as a visual reminder to beachgoers of what lies beneath the surface.

DePlasco said the device serves as a teaching tool to educate and spread awareness about the damage all forms of pollution can cause to marine life and the planet.

“It’s about where we throw our trash,” she said. “If you see something, just pick it up.”

In August, Be-Bot will travel to another community in Florida. It was donated to the Keep Florida Beautiful program by the Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation.